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Alpha Apparel Co is committed to curating a unique and contemporary catalogue of Greek Merchandise. Our in house artists will work with you or for you in the design process so you can wear your letters proudly. That means your way.
But this is our way:

Alpha Apparel Co is working towards a greener future. Here is a few of our practices to cut down on our emissions:

  • Local Fulfillment: We currently have fulfillment centers on both coasts as well as the midwest. This allows us to minimize your item's travel distance and emissions, while also maximizing the speed of which your order arrives at your door.
  • No Waste: Your order was created just for you! With on-demand production, everything is made to order, creating less waste than conventional shopping.
  • Ethical Domestic Labor Practices: The majority of our products are made in Los Angeles, Calif. with experienced seamstresses earning an average up to $20 an hour or more and no less than $15. Plus benefits and overtime.

We are committed to this part of our business and continue to work towards a greener earth, striving for zero net carbon emissions in the near future.

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