Our Process

  • 1


    Log into our platform or create an account. Within your personal dashboard, you will have access to chat with a dedicated designer, create new orders, view past orders, receive updates, and see real time sales and details of ongoing orders.

  • 2

    Find your match

    After you begin a new order, you will be asked a few questions about your needs and paired with a professional designer who will help you customize your apparel!

  • 3

    Approve your designs

    Once the mockups are perfected, you will be prompted to approve the order. This will send your customized designs into production.

  • 4

    Shop from your store

    Within 7-10 business days from the store’s expiration or payment of invoice, your apparel will arrive! Tracking and order updates via your dashboard/email will fill you and your chapter in on any and all relevant information.

  • individual orders

    1. A custom store will be automatically created on our website for your chapter to purchase.

    2. When you see fit, you will be able to close out the store so we can begin creating your custom products.

  • bulk orders

    1. You will be prompted to enter estimated quantities and sizing breakdown of your product

    2. We will send an invoice for the grand total. Once paid, we will begin production.

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